Reliability. Performance. Security.

We aggregate the best providers,
in a single, easy to manage offering.

Reliable and powerful email

We’ve partnered with Rackspace to provide you a top-quality email service that is guaranteed to be available 100% of the time. Never miss an email. Lots of storage, enough for many, many years of email.

Tech details:
  • 25 GB Rackspace mailboxes
  • Guaranteed 100% uptime
  • Advanced spam and virus filtering
  • Backups kept for 14 days
  • Secured access using secure IMAP and SMTP
  • And much more

Blazing fast websites

“40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.” [Source: KissMetrics] We’ve put everything in place to make sure your site loads fast so you never lose a visitor, including tools from Google to optimize page speed, as well as worldwide acceleration through CloudFlare.

Tech details:
  • Fast cloud servers (SSD disks, low user count, HTTP/2)
  • NGINX with mod_pagespeed in front of Apache
  • Fastest PHP runtimes (PHP7, HVVM)
  • CloudFlare CDN for global delivery
  • WordPress tuned for speed

Shielded websites

The constant rise of website hacking is making website security more important than ever. Your website will be protected by multiple layers of security, and we will monitor and act promptly in case of a security breach.

Tech details:
  • Real-time attack prevention (CloudFlare proxying, server IDS + IPS, realtime antivirus, Wordfence CMS protection)
  • SSL/TLS installed and configured on each website
  • Encrypted FTP access (FTP over explicit SSL)
  • Daily onsite backups + weekly external backups
  • Daily CMS security scans and managed security upgrades

Advanced Domain Services

Need a new domain name? You can choose from hundreds of domain extensions, including the brand new ones, and register domains directly with us. We'll ensure your domain is properly configured and protected against abuse.

Tech details:

Is Axelio Hosting right for your business?

Short answer: yes, if you're not a techie.

Axelio Hosting is a 100% managed service provider designed to provide outstanding quality services for non-technical users. We favor simplicity and standardisation over flexibility. All accesses are made through our custom control panel.


Non-technical users looking for:

  • A team to manage their services, so they don't have to
  • An easy to use control panel, with limited options
  • Services configured with our best practices

Technical / power users looking for:

  • Self managing their service and have full control over every setting
  • An advanced control panel, crowded with tons of options
  • An opiniated view on how services should be configured